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About Technomalia

Starting with a full group of six members, our study regime coupled with the effects of COVID-19 has seen the group gradually eroded away to the mere three active students we currently have and will see-out the end of the course with.

The purpose of the group's formation was the meta lesson from this unit: to learn how to work together in a team with other people.

Though we succeeded as a group in many respects we also failed in other, though taken as a whole - and considering the circumstances and that we're really down to half a group for all practical purposes - we did pretty well I think.

Sorry: we think we did pretty well as a group ;)


Team Co-ordination | Research & Development | Media Production

She is remarkable.

The range of personal qualities this woman has brought to our group astonishes me.

From the day of the groups formation Joanne has been artfully adopting whatever role the team has needed at the time; from diplomat, to team leader, to co-worker, to friend and always be organizing us at the same time as she maintained her own very high quality work..

The number of times she's stepped in to neutralize minor disputes before they've escalated to keep things peaceful; encouraged members of the team and provided direction during moments when the entire group were drawing blank faces instead of ideas; the way she'd take the initiative in emailing all of us with accouncements, or contact our tutor to clarity questions on our behalf and all this while allowing us all to bask - like lizards on a rock - in the warmth, honestly, intelligence and humour of a personality that kept the group calm organically - just by being present.

Brilliant, engaging and dynamic - Joanne is the most valuable member of our group.

She currently works in the gift and homewares industry as an account manager but is looking to move into IT because she's always been interested in technology, and where better to begin that move than studying for a degree with RMIT?

Joanne studied Fashion Design at Tafe NSW and is naturally a creative person however prefers to use that creativity in cooking and home décor and oh, she loves her cat Daisy despite her skin being perforated from endless bite marks.

Her interest in IT is for convenience, social connectivity and entertainment through the likes of Google Maps, Facebook and Netflix. This stems from being introduced to Technology as a child with video games such as Nintendo’s Game Boy, Donkey Kong and later with her first mobile phone in 1999 – a Sony Ericson flip!

Studying at RMIT is Joanne’s first step in transitioning into Information Technology and despite possessing limited existing knowledge about the subject, she's looking forward to the journey with her Class Group – Technomalia.


Web Development | Visual Design

After the emotional trauma of seperating from a woman he was with in Adelaide for half a decade, Jason moved back to his home state of NSW - directly to the Blue Mountains - so he could live in the national park like every other animal assuming this would reset his brain, which it did. While out there, he reached the decision that he'd be making a major shift in his mode of living, which he did: ultimately keeping a comprehensive online photo diary of his time with the wildlife that can be found here and this extended camping life inevitably rolled-on a year longer than he'd planned, in which time he grew so well aquainted with local fauna he'd assigned the animal visitors to his make-shift camp individual names and ate dinner with them every night.

Following this feral rainforest escapade, Jason found he'd aquired a deep interest and prociciency for writing and still now finds it the purest, most direct form of creativity: with five years maintaining the website he began simply to document the period of wild living previously mentioned, Jason still writes regularly in a generalized online diary available to anyone and located in a sub-directory of his site https://psychaesthetic.com.au where he still spews random private thoughts to a public webpage - all the thoughts most people do their very best to hide.

Posessing a finely developed aptitude for visual design and such a deep appreciation for beauty that's all he cares to see in this world, Jason has assumed the roles of creative-director and web-developer on behalf of the group and has designed all the visual components required by Technomalia for the duration of of the course: from the site and everythng on it, to all illustrations and visuals, to imagining up the SmartPet-20's features, functionality and design, construction - yeah - he really wishes he'd had someone to work with on all that creativity because it would've made the entire study period much more productive, inspiring and fun, but he ended-up doing most of the thinking, designing and invention on his own while the others all did their, "research".

Jason received a Commodore VIC20 for Christmas when he was 13 and since then was hooked on IT. In school he used the Apple IIE and then went on to use a Pentium home tower he built himself. During this time saw the world transform from dial-up internet to broadband and now NBN. All the changes have kept Jason interestred and having already accumulated a lifetime of generalized knowledge about the world of technology a university degree seemed like the most natural extension of that.

Why the hell am I writing about myself in the third-person? When have I ever done that?


PDF Submission Compilation | Research & Development

Shane likes Microsoft Word. I mean really, we could not drag him away from that 65 page document no matter how we tried to mention more fun things he could be doing, though it has to be said - it's a good thing he likes it so much because the rest of us most certainly do not, and we have Shane to thank for compiling all the tiniest details about the tiniest aspects of every little component within the SmartPet-20 while the rest of us went off and did more varied tasks, before returning our results to be added to the almighty Word document that - ultimately - was the file converted into the massive PDF we submitted for the assignment.

Coming from Newcastle, NSW and a painter by trade he has been working in coal mines for the last 11 years but looking for a career shift into IT. Not new to studying as has previously almost completed a combined BBUS/BCOMM degree with Newcastle University. Now that he has the time to study again has observed the potential opportunity within the IT industry offers so decided this was the move to made, instead of completing the BBUS/BCOMM degrees.

Loves spending time with family and friends and is super excited about his eldest boy getting started in Soccer as he very much enjoyed sports as a youngster.

Shane is excited to think of what the future holds for us considering what we have achieved so far in IT, and for the endless possibilities and opportunities to come.

IT interest grew over the years after seeing new gadgets coming onto the market nearly as quickly as a previous model sold out. And with every new model brought to market, was new innovative technologies that would change the world.

With no experience in IT related work, however I believe that given the right training, he too, can achieve wonderful things in this world.


Design draft version of Mobile App

Annisa is currently enjoying learning how to cook and likes watching Korean dramas / comedic content on Youtube. Being just 20 years old, she is still learning about which are her other hobbies and interests.

After completing High School in 2017, Annisa enrolled into an Advanced Diploma of Aeronautical Engineering with RMIT but switched to Bachelor of Information Technology this year, also with RMIT.

Annisa was interested in IT while trying to decide if she should continue the Advanced Diploma of Aeronautical Engineering. Being exposed to the world of programming and IT since a young age, as her father works as a software developer. So, while figuring out where the interests lay career-wise, she became intrigued with her father’s work, as it had all sorts of code and required problem solving skills which lead her to choose to study IT. career development*